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My name is Nick Anderegg, and I’m a developer advocate, technical writer, and software engineer. This website is intended to host my personal projects, blog posts, résumé, and other writing.

I’m currently seeking a full-time remote position as a developer advocate, technical writer, solutions architect, or similar role. I’m open to companies in any industry, but I’m particularly interested in working with companies that are focused on developer tooling, platforms-as-a-service, or healthcare-related technologies.

My primary hobby is collecting new hobbies and interests. The ones that always seem to come back around are home automation, ethical governance, hiking, linguistics, human cognition, dogs, understanding how complex systems fail, understanding how complex ideas are mentally represented, and building software.

This site was built from scratch using Hugo as the static site generator, and Tailwind CSS as the style framework. I hope to eventually extract the theme into a standalone project, but for now, I’m building the theme as I build the site, and it’s specific to my needs. Currently, this site is hosted with GitHub Pages and is deployed using GitHub Actions.

Curriculum Vitae

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I specialize in being a generalist.

  • Experienced developer advocate, engineer, and technical writer;
  • Strong experience with API design, documentation, and evangelism;
  • Obsessed with automation, developer tooling, and understanding how systems interact;
  • Highly proficient in Python and designing workflow processes;
  • Strong interest in DevOps, systems architecture, and API design;
  • Experience working on remote teams (and only seeking a remote role); and
  • Additional experience with app and web development technologies, including React and React Native.

Recent Posts

Why a blog and why now?

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Do I have tons of ideas for posts for this blog? Yes! Will I actually write any of them? Maybe!

My main motivation for finally launching a blog is the proliferation of generative AI, and in particular, language language models (LLMs). My academic background is in linguistics and psychology, and I have years of experience working as a researcher in the field of psycholinguistics—with a specific focus on phonology, language acquisition, and how written language is processed by the brain. I have a lot of thoughts about many of the claims currently being made about LLMs, and I need a place to write them down.

Spoiler alert: It’s not likely that any of that commentary is going to be positive. The people promoting these things seem to be doing so with a very poor understanding of how language actually interacts with the other processes in our brains to produce our experience of cognition, and I’m not going to be shy about calling out empirically-unsupported bullshit.