Docs for Usage-based Billing

This is a project sample that involved both technical writing and graphic design. This documentation was written as part of a project to improve the documentation for a usage-based billing product.

This work was completed as part of a short contract to improve the developer documentation for a usage-based billing product. The product provided a drop-in API that developers could use to handle the usage metering and billing for their software applications.

This project was an interesting challenge, because developers using the product were not necessarily familiar with the concepts underlying usage-based billing. Before a developer is able to integrate a product into their own application, it’s important for that developer to build a mental model of how the product works. I had to take care to explain the underlying concepts and billing mechanisms in a way that would allow developers to have a base of knowledge necessary to understand the product’s technical functionality.

I’ve selected two of the pages I wrote for this project and excerpted them together in a single PDF.

A graphic I created to explain how usage-based billing works for a specific type of usage meter that records aggregate usage over a period of time.